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Established in 1977, SHAHARCO Contracting & Trading has carved a unique name in customer care and superior quality in construction. SHAHARCO is reputed for construction work involving intricate designs, exacting standards, superior engineering skills and time-bound completion. With a track record of accepting challenges and emerging successful, SHAHARCO is a name behind several landmarks in the UAE.


SHAHARCO has successfully completed over 200 multi discipline contracts including Multi-storied buildings, Residential Villas, Schools, Mosques, Churches Factories, telecommunication infrastructure, Cinema House etc. The Clientele includes Defence Dept., Etisalat, Municipality, Central Bank, Fujairah Government and private clients.


SHAHARCO has a very sound financial structure and resources to ensure smooth implementation of projects.


Mr.  K.T George - Chairman

Mr.K.T George is a civil engineer with 50 plus years of experience in Gulf. He is the man behind SHAHARCO since 1977. He leads SHAHARCO with his blazing vision.

Mr. Biju George - Director

Mr. Biju, a civil engineer backed by 25 years of experience oversees the projects. With a keen eye for details and meticulous planning, he leads the team SHAHARCO. His passion and commitment keeps the beams and columns at SHAHARCO together motivating the staff to embark on new exciting challenges.


Mr. Jacob V. Alampally - Senior Project Manager

Mr. Jacob has 40 years of experience as a civil engineer, heading the project management operations at SHAHARCO. His relentless energy has kept the pulse at SHAHARCO thrive. His dedication and loyalty has kept the units of SHAHARCO solid.


SHAHARCO comprises a 163 strong team of professionals, led by Mr. K.T George who has over 50 years of diversified contracting experience in the region. SHAHARCO has in-house human resources covering all areas of contracting from Carpenters, Masons, Painters, Electricians, Plumbers and Mechanics to field workers. Our technical personnel are well-trained multinationals, most of whom have years of experience in the construction domain. Some of our staff members are working with us since the inception of the company and we value their dedication and loyalty.

With the skilled team of professionals, SHAHARCO has secured a unique name in the area of specialized construction.


SHAHARCO has repeatedly succeeded in delivering quality projects.  Exceeding the expectations of its clients – Institutional, commercial, retail, private development and municipal clients since 1977.

SHAHARCO keeps costs under tight control and ensure on-time delivery utilising various equipment such as tower cranes, bobcats, concrete mixers, wood cutting and shaping machines, compactors, tile polishing machines, welding machines, dumpers, power cranes etc.

Shaharco has handled several projects, which required precise project management skills and use of automated projects management tools.

Shaharco has partnerships with selected sub-contractors and suppliers including some of our sister concerns to increase the synergy offered to the customer.

Shaharco has offices in Sharjah and Dubai. The central workshop is located in Sharjah.

Shaharco is well differentiated in the market owing to its commitment to high standards of quality and customer service. Majority of projects undertaken by Shaharco have received wide acclaims for excellent workmanship.



Has successfully completed over 200 multi discipline contracts including Multi-stored buildings, Residential Villas, Schools, Mosques, Churches, Factories, Warehouses, Labour Camps, Telecommunication infrastructure, Cinema House etc. The Clientele includes Defence Dept., Etisalat, Municipality, Central Bank, Fujairah Government and private clients.

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