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 arrow Safety

We believe the safety of our workers is of prime importance and hence they are well educated and equipped with safety gear at construction sites. SHAHARCO is proud to share that we have had an excellent record of nil accident rates.


 arrow Open Communication

From the laborers to the foreman to the manager to the director and vice versa SHAHARCO has always had a free flow of communication among its members. The open communication acts as the lubricant for SHAHARCO to thrust forward smoothly. Our open communication scheme has helped us realize many potential workers who have been mentored in various other disciplines.


 arrow Embracing Challenges

SHAHARCO’s standing projects are testimonies to the number of challenges we have conquered. From schools to cinema house to mosques to factories to villas we have constructed multi disciplinary developments.


 arrow Implementing change

SHAHARCO believes it should be at par with the changing trends and hence have educated our staff about the latest softwares, machines and current government and industry standards.