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Right from inception SHAHARCO has been selected by leading architects for their  prestigious projects. The architects include Bin Delmouk, Arenco, SAS Engineering, Rashid Al-Owais, Refath Mustafa, Arabturk Consultant, Dr. AI·Azheri, TAHL  Consultants, Ramesh & Associates, Gulf Engineering, Dar-Al-Khalee], Sa if Al-Jarwan, Chawla and Associats, Al-Alam Engineering, Al-Teraz Eng., Al-Burhan Eng., AI·Ajmi Consultants, Singh & Associats, Al-Tureth Eng. Consultants, Al-Ensa Consultants, AI·Hilal Engineering Consultants, House of Experts Eng. Consultants, AI·Noman&Shafique Eng. Consultants, Sharjah Eng. Consultants, Designers Team Con. Eng., AI·Majal Eng. Consultants .. etc with dynamic leadership, dedicated team of professionals and strategic partnerships, Shaharco is committed to excellence in the field of construction in the years ahead.